The IRS is experiencing massive delays in processing the 2020 tax returns for a variety of reasons. Please note that once we transmit AND receive the acknowledgement on a tax return, our office no longer has any control over how long the processing will take or when a refund will be issued.


There are 2 ways to check the status of a refund.

  1. Go to Go to “where’s my refund” and enter all appropriate information. You will likely get a message that states the return is still processing.
  2. Or, you can call the IRS directly. Please note that this can take anywhere from 2-3 hours if you can get through to someone. The toll-free IRS Refund Hotline phone number is: 1-800-829-1954.


Here’s How We Can Help:

We can only verify the following:

  • That the return was transmitted by our office.
  • When the acknowledgement from the IRS was received and that the direct deposit information on the tax return is correct.

Unfortunately, that is all the assistance we can offer right now.


We would be happy to assist you with other tax related inquiries. Feel free to reach us through our contact form or by phone. See our contact information here.